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Company Profile

From our humble beginning in property investment since 2010, JX VENTURE (JXVSB) has worked to ignite change and grow into an integrated fund management and project investment company today. Led by the founder, ALECZ sharing the same vision and CHAN has structured JXVSB with a team of passionate individuals moving towards a common goal of success together. The company strong capability in managing various industry portfolios to enhance liquidity of JX Venture. Having established an excellent performance track has also built a diversification and record, JX Venture now offers attractive investment opportunities and deliver sustainable third-party investors. Our investment framework capitalizes on our core strengths ability to invest in a diverse risk adjusted portfolio, flexible capital sound governance returns to including our structure. JX Venture is working towards obtaining moneylender’s license which will be issued by the Local Government Ministry. The group’s upcoming diversification in the moneylending business, which is timely in tandem with Malaysia's rising appetite for borrowings, allows the company to focus on the underserved and under-tapped markets and bring synergy effects to the company's existing businesses. Reliability, professionalism, committed and integrity are the values that defined us, putting our clients as our top priority. We protect and enhance our investors’ best financial interests while managing goals which are compatible with their profile and intended financial objectives.

Meet The Team

Known Alecz and business Also an leader associate. approachable which likes by many of his clients. Having worked management sector in real estate for over 15 and years, project Alecz Chan exhibits immense expertise in this sector. Alecz's strategic direction and focus has led to an exponential growth to JXV current state. His focus predominantly been in real estate and now expanding the company portfolio into the Project management and fund management industry.

Alecz Chan 



Holding a Degree in Civil Engineering and more than 8 years of experience in Project Development, Sim is our advisor for the project investment sector. Well verse in this sector makes him the “man-to-go” with any decision making especially in investment or financing any target co. With his sense of humour, Sim is one of the most likeable director in the company.

Sim Jian Qin

Project Director


As the Head of Investor Relations, Gackt is responsible for ensuring the company is appropriately and strategically positioned with analysts, investors, and all stakeholders. Gackt is responsible for creating the appropriate strategy, framework, and tactics, as well as for providing a very compelling investor relations roadmap. Gackt is an excellent communicator and has exceptional interpersonal skills.

Gakuto Oshiro (Gackt)

Head of Investor Relations


Ng act as client advocates and work with internal departments to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied. They may assist with making sales, handling client, collecting and analyzing data, and improving the overall customer experience. Her responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders and preparing sales reports.


Accounts Manager

Our Strategic 
& Associate Partners

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