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Our Services


We invest in established and profitable companies with proven capabilities and growth capital opportunities across various industries with highly experienced management teams, where we can leverage our core strengths in financialstructuring. Through our House Fund and Project Fund, our principal objective isto achieve long-term capital appreciation by developing a diversified investment portfolio, yet preserving and growing our investors’ wealth in consistency and sustainably.

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Financial Planning

Most people or business owners tend to neglect the importance of finance management until they realize the need to get a loan, and it’stoo late. At JX Venture, we highly recommend you to do so, start your financial planning early, and let us help you to explore the solutions to meet your financial needs, and reach your financial goals. We are a team of professionals specialized in financial planning, to give advice to clients or businesses of various income level, scales and portfolio towards improving your company’s financial position and achieving financialstability.


Business Management

As a leading management consulting firm, we strive to support companies in improving their overall business performance and operations, to be more financially efficient, sustainable and profitable. We commit to work closely with each client on a long-term basis and offer personalized solutions tailoring to clients’ needs to ensure that the best practices are integrated into their operations. Through a combination of strategic change and high touch management, we seek for the transformation in the businesses we managed and value adding for all stakeholders.


Fund Management

JX Venture maintains a strategic relationship with all business partners and asset managers, and we aim to consistently outperform the benchmark through a disciplined investment process within guidelines and minimise overall investment risks. We believe in managing your funds prudently by striking a balance between the risks taken and the expected performance.

SME Consultancy

At JX Venture, we always adopt the “think outside the box” approach or innovative thinking when it comes to providing solutions and realizing optimal growth potential for our clients and their businesses. We strive to develop new ideas and innovative strategies to help clients achieve their operational and business goals. Our offerings include start-up incubation services, regulatory and compliance, fund structuring, risk management and many more.

Project Development

From the project idea, the initiation phase and master plan, to securing the development funding, we aim at turning promising innovation ideas into feasible projects at lowest possible costs. Our service facilitates project development, but also adds creativity and provides direction in all development stages. We collaborate and work closely with developers to ensure the future success of every development. At JX Venture, we practice cost-saving approach with real time results that you can depend on. Our diverse portfolio demonstrates our effectiveness, efficiency and future capabilitiesthat we can provide to you.

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