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JXVSB objective is to endeavor to deliver a normalized min return of 12% typical benchmark return expected by the investor class not limited to high net individuals, family offices and sophisticated investors. p.a; worth JXVSB targets to raise a total of RM 100 million for its asset under management (“AUM”) base. JXVSB also aim to grow its asset under management (“AUM”) of RM 50 million within 6 months to 9 month JXVSB target to 100% fund raise to RM 100 million before year 2024. JXVSB other aim is to manage and ensure AUM’s annualized return outperform its benchmark annualized yield above 7% p.a; benchmark against the Malaysia Amanah Saham Bumiputera historical annual returns of circa 7%.

Investment Objective

Investment Strategies

Upon identifying suitable Target Co. candidate that meets the selection requirement, JXVSB will then focus on deriving strategies to maximize the potential value of the Target Co. It is important to note that each Target Co is unique individual to its own characteristics and “cookie - cutter” strategy may not be feasible across the board. A Target Co. may require the employment of beyond more than one investment strategy. A selection of mix of each investment strategy specific and varies from one to another. As such, JXVSB will need to tailor made each strategy specific to respective Target Co. JXVSB investment strategies may not be limited to but may comprises of i. Revenue Increase from geographic expansion, category extension and product innovation and forming long term contract with multiple clients. ii. Cost-Cutting exercise by reducing operational expenses, underperforming division – creating a leaner more efficient company

Investment Strategies (cont.)

  • Properly Incentivizing Management by providing equity or financial incentives based on achieved pre-acquisition target.

  • Improve Operational, Financial and Asset Efficiency

  • Unlocking Value from under utilized assets or acquiring an asset to uplift future earning.

  • Technology adoption to improved operational efficiency and network connectivity.

  • Leveraging on intangible avenues: unlocking value from licensing – to mass market, existing database, point of sales reach and etc.

Investment Economics


JXVSB philosophy is for an investment to have a moderate risk profile with a target to achieved overall IRR of 15% (an annualized coupon of 10% p.a.) with a pay back period of 2 years to 3 years else exit multiple of at least 2x against its invested capital. Ideally the investment tenure should not be more than 3 years. An investment will only be considered if and only JXVSB is able to implement its investment strategies in order to create (unlock) values. JXVSB will not invest in target co should there be an absence or inability to apply investment strategies.

Investment Structure

Invest Chart.png
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