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IPO listing (floating)

  • Common exit strategy with the ability to realize owner’s capital

  • Enable the target co. to immediately    enhance its presence and status

  • Enable target co. to bid/pitch deals of substantialize; hence growing future value in the event JXVSB is still shareholder

  • Another common exit strategy 

  • Direct sale of stake to 3 rd party within the same industry or an acquirer looking to participate in the same sector

  • As vendor, able to command lucrative premium exit 

  • Instant exit from target co.

Trade Sale

  • Sale of certain/strategic shareholdings to another investment institutions.

  • Most suitable in the event JXVSB is not willing to fully liquidate its total exposure or ready for full exit

Secondary Sale

Management buyout

  • Sale of certain exiting shareholdings held by JXVSB to the existing promoter and/or senior management of target co at premium.

  • This can ensure the management and operation of the company are enticed to continue maintaining the purpose of the company.

Investment Chart

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