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JX VENTURE is an innovative artificial turf manufacturer,

we are dedicated in providing artificial turf solution for sports,landscaping and recreations.

It is company’s mission to provide high quality turf with excellent service since 2015.

Artificial football grass, tennis grass, landscaping grass and decorative grass in Excellent Turf are all made from finest raw materials.

More than 80+ countries and regions clients are enjoying SYNTURF products nowadays,

including professional football clubs, architects, governments, education systems, and sports contractors.

SYNTURF is a reliable artificial turf solution provider.

Our Mission

JX VENTURE knows that good quality is the base for all cooperation,

and therefore, making more efforts to improve the quality and developing new products continuously.

The artificial football turf is engineered according to FIFA quality standard.

And the landscaping grass are tested and proved safe and health by SGS.

Advanced machines plus quality control management ensure the quality meets variety demands around the world.

With high-end equipment, customization is available in SYNTURF if regular products not suite you.

SYNTURF is durable, safe, natural looking and performs satisfactorily,

as it is tested and proved.


Alecz Chan



Sim Jian Qin



Ng Ling Che

Marketing Manager


Bashir Faraz

Digital Marketer/ Designer

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